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Uruguay - Atlas Sociodemográfico de la Desigualdad del Uruguay. La población afro-uruguaya en el Censo 2011. Fascículo 2 (Social and Demographic Atlas of Inequality in Uruguay. The afro-Uruguayan population in the 2011 Census. Part 2)

­This is the second booklet which includes the results from research published under the form of topical booklets in a series called “Social and Demographic Atlas of inequality in Uruguay” whose main objective is to generate and disseminate knowledge on the situation of the population, in order to prioritize the territorial analysis of inequalities, mainly through the processing of the 2011 census. This effort comprises an analysis of the main results of the 2011 census regarding some central aspects: estimating the numerical dimension of the population of African descent living in Uruguay, its geographical distribution, basic demographic characteristics, educational profile and the access to resources measures through the level of satisfaction of their basic needs.

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This publication is a joint initiative of the following: Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development; Afro-Uruguayan House of Culture; National Institute for Statistics of Uruguay; Population Programme of the School of Social Sciences – University of the Republic of Uruguay (Udelar)[1] ; Institute of Economy of the School of Economic Sciences and Administration– Udelar; Ministry of Social Development of Uruguay; United Nations Population Fund and Sectorial Commission for the Population – Office for Planning and Budget of Uruguay.


[1] UDELAR: University of the Republic of Uruguay

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State of conservation


Type of document

Collectable publication made up by topical booklets (six in total)

Current Use

Available to the public in general and a valuable tool for those who design and launch public polities, and for those who, as part of the civil society, promote and exert citizen’s control over the commitments made by the State, in favour of eliminating all forms of ethnic and racial discrimination.


Ediciones Trilce

Publication date

December 2013


Wanda Cabella, Mathías Nathan and Mariana Tenenbaum, general coordination Juan José Calvo.