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Uruguay - El Arquitecto, poetic essay with graphic illustrations (two copies)

The poems contained in this book are grouped by subjects, among which, those of our interest are:

"Los negros" (the Blacks) that is divided into three parts: 1 Tráfico de esclavos (Slave Trade), 2. Los esclavos (The Slaves) and 3. Candombe. At the end of the poem the author stated, "Paris, August 1927". Pages 109 -114. The museum holds two copies, one of them with the author’s signature after a dedication.

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The poems are accompanied by drawings made by the author. It is a book to homage his son Juan Carlos who died at the age of 33 and with whom the painter shared his creative endeavours.

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Other data of interest


State of conservation

One of the copies is well preserved. Its cover underwent intervention before arriving in the museum. The other copy was restored in 2013 and a protection case was made for it.

Type of document

Book of poems

Current Use

One of the copies is in exhibition and the other in the archive. Consultation is restricted to credited researchers.


Editions Le livre Libre

Publication date



Pedro Figari