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Ecuador - Historic documents of the Series called Haciendas

Series called Haciendas containing historic documents regarding haciendas with slave labour force.

Heritage documents in the National Archive of Ecuador in the series called Haciendas.

A very interesting series reporting on several issues regarding the slaves, names and location of haciendas with slave labour force, from the mid. 18th century to the 19th century. Approximately 4 documents mention the presence of slaves: The first one dated 26 February 1771; the second one dated 2 February 1808; the third one of 9 April 1808 and the fourth of 24 December 1815. The haciendas were located in the provinces of Imbabura, Carchi and Esmeraldas. Many of the documents refer to haciendas with sugar treadmills; however, they do not mention slave labour although we know that there were slaves in all the area of sugar cane fields in the province of Imbabura and part of the province of Carchi.


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Desde 1771 hasta 1815