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Ecuador - Lawsuit regarding haciendas in the province of Imbabura

This voluminous document corresponds to the writs about a case of dispossession followed by José Javier de Ascásubi against Alderman Pedro Calisto, who sold him the Caldera hacienda. Once the legal action for dispossession was denied, Ascásubi appealed before the Royal Council of Indies, and as a result he was able to lodge complaint proceedings before the same audience. The Changalá hacienda belonging to Ascásubi was also mentioned in the process and reference is made to the slaves that worked in the sugar mills.    



Heritage document in the National Archive of Ecuador in the series called Haciendas, Box 113, File 4, number of pages 222.



Document reporting the names of haciendas with slaves in the province of Imbabura.


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1808 Febrero 2


Regido José Javier de Ascásubi