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Ecuador - Request to annex a chapel to the parochial church of Pelileo, province of Tungurahua.

The document is a petition by General Joseph Antonio Lopez de Galarza so that the chapel of the farm and work camp of San Ildefonso becomes an annex to the parochial church of Pelileo. The owner of the work camp indicates he has 130 slaves and many Indians working there and in nearby areas, which would benefit from this annexation. The petitioner alleges that there are many parishioners who require Christian spiritual counselling, and who must walk a long distance to attend religious services.

Heritage document in the National Archive of Ecuador in the Series Work camps, box 9, and file 3. Place: Quito, number of pages: 6.

Document reporting that there was slave labour force in one of the main work camps of the 17th century in the Royal High Court of Quito.  

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1670 Noviembre 26