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Uruguay - Stamp with poster from 1945

­The stamp presents a poster of the exhibition held in 1945 of the works of Pedro Figari.

This stamp is a part of a series of 16 plates of the series Pintores Uruguayos made by the National Printing House, in offset.

In this image, Figari portrays two indispensable characters of the Candombe: the Escobero or Escobillero (Broom seller) and the Mama vieja (Old mamma).

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The other stamps in the plate by Figari are the self-portraits of J.Torres Garcia, J. Pedro Costigliolo and Manolita Piña, wife of J. Torres Garcia. Two of the plates in the FM are signed by the author.

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Other data of interest


State of conservation

Good condition

Type of document


Current Use

It is part of the archive that holds the contemporary iconography regarding Pedro Figari.


Imprenta Nacional de Montevideo (National Printing House of Montevideo)

Publication date

27 December 1988


Draftsman C.Menck Freire