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Ecuador - System of Social Indicators of the Afro Ecuadorian People

It is part of the SIISE-Integrated System of Social Indicators of Ecuador.

The system of social indicators of the afro Ecuadorian people -SISPAE- is an instrument of statistical information, which allows visualizing the life of the afro Ecuadorian people in keeping with its social, political, economic, environmental and cultural reality. Its mission is to facilitate quantitative information on the social condition of afro Ecuadorians and the status of their collective rights, established by the Constitution, with the purpose of contributing to the definition of the State’s public policies, in accordance with their culture, reality and political demands. It works in coordination with the National Institute of Statistics and Census.

Name and position of the person in charge: Viviana Pujos, Director of Analysis and Statistics

Other members of the executive: Anita Garcés, Division of the Inter-connected Registry of Social Programmes – RIPS,

Founding date: 23 July 2003

Address: Av. Atahualpa OE1-109 y 10 de Agosto

Post Office Box: 170519 

Telephone number: 593-2 399 5600


WEB address:


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  • To know the distribution and spatial concentration of the afro Ecuadorian population.
  • To facilitate elements for the interpretation of rural-urban migratory trends.
  • To compare their general situation in relation to the country.
  • To know the level of opportunities that the State and the society grant the afro Ecuadorians. To determine the degree of fulfilment of their human and collective rights.
  • To contribute to the analysis of the expressions of discrimination, racism and exclusion.
  • To measure the degree of participation of the afro Ecuadorian people in the domestic organization and in spaces of public and political representation of the country.


The link to see the publications is:

“Racism and racial discrimination in Ecuador 2014”:
System of Indicators of the afro Ecuadorian people:

Other publications: "Afro Ecuadorian and Human Capital", "Afro Ecuadorian Exclusion and Poverty"," Constitutional Actions and Collective Rights, Actions in favour of People of African Descent", "Development without Social Exclusion, Democracy without Marginalization".   

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