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Uruguay - Telephone card 100

­Card for use in public telephones with an image from a work by Pedro Figari Toque de oración­­­­­­­, property of the National Museum of Visual Arts. The scene recreated in this work shows the interaction and coexistence of creoles and freed slaves. The social position of the latter is of service to wealthy creoles, their masters. The mat is used by the mistress to kneel and pray and not by the servants. The forward place of the mistress is also noticeable.

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We do not have information on the date of issue of the card. The work is an oil on cardboard painting and according to estimates it was made circa 1925. Dimensions 69 x 99 cm. 

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Type of document

Paper card

Current Use

It is part of the archive that documents and refers to the life and works of Pedro Figari.


National Administration of Telecommunications (ANTEL)