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Ecuador - “David Lara” Saberes de la Bomba School

The school strives to achieve a comprehensive training and revitalize the identity based on knowledge of afro Ecuadorian history, the know-how of the "bomba” in music and dance. It emphasizes awareness of the body as a space of struggle, resistance, memory and enjoyment.  

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The school is part of a plan to revitalize the process to declare the “bomba” as national heritage.

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Founding Date



- Training - Identity/culture   - Know-how - History  


Río Cayambe – Carapungo

Telephone Numbers

593 992209876 (Luzmila Bolaños)

Person in charge

Jorge Vilva - Director

Other members of the Executive

Luzmila Bolaños, Artistic Director

Objectives of the institution

-    To offer theoretical-practical training of professionals for their immediate incorporation to cultural development and labour market.
-    To develop de-colonizing methodologies based on the human body
-    To understand dance and music as ways to repair our bodies
-    To incorporate state-of-the-art methodologies in the teaching-learning process
-    To develop capacity building subjects geared at cultural management for pedagogy, didactics, evaluation and team work