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Ecuador - Afro Ecuadorian Cultural Centre

This is a non-profit institution, established by Comboni missionaries, at the service of Afro Ecuadorian communities and organizations. It contributes to the strengthening of their identity and culture by appreciating the historical contribution, and supporting their struggle for the acknowledgement of their rights.

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It is not working at present, but it has been a very important reference for the afro Ecuadorian people, above all for its organizations, since many of the leaders were trained in this centre.


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Founding Date

1981, legally acknowledged in 1992-11-13


Research and reflection Training of leaders


José Luis Tamayo 985 y Lizardo García  

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Objectives of the institution

Its main objective is to collaborate with the afro Ecuadorians to raise awareness as to their identity in two main aspects: the social, economic, political and cultural analysis and the afro American biblical and theological training, promoting rapprochement with other ethnic groups.

Heritage documents under its protection

Videos of several afro Ecuadorian celebrations. Abandoned at present.