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Peru - Afro-Peruvian Museum of Zaña

A private initiative which, through culture and art, vindicates the contribution of Africans and their descendants to the building of the Peruvian nation.

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The museum emerged from an initiative of local intellectuals and activists, and among them Luis Rocca Torres, organized in the Civil Association of the Afro-Peruvian Museum of Zaña, interested in recovering the African heritage and highlighting the inter-cultural processes between the people of African heritage and the Indians of the Andes in the northern coast of the country.  


The museum has five exhibit halls and one collection of objects from colonial times (carts, stocks, music instruments, etc.). The halls exhibit photographs and reproductions of watercolours, paintings, drawings and manuscripts. Another hall exhibits the musical legacy of the Africans. And finally, there is a hall devoted to acknowledging inter-cultural relations and the racial mix emerged from the encounter between the afro and the Andean populations.


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Founding Date

29 March 2005


The African cultural presence in the northern coast of Peru since the colonial period and up to the 20th century.


Calle Independencia 645, Zaña (Chiclayo, Lambayeque)

Telephone Numbers

(074) 431042, (074) 265346

Person in charge

Luis Rocca Torres - Director

Web address (inactiva)

Objectives of the institution

- Rescue, preservation and documentation of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the afro-Peruvians.

  - Dissemination of the contribution of   Africans and their descendants to the building of our nationality

Other publications by the institution

Luis Rocca’s book, La otra historia. Memoria colectiva y canto del pueblo de Zaña (Instituto de Apoyo Agrario, 1985), was the beginning of the recovery of the intangible heritage of the afro-Peruvians of Zaña.