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Peru - Archivo Arzobispal de Lima (Archive of the Archbishopric of Lima)

Depository library dependent on the Archbishopric of Lima. It lodges records and dossiers from the 16th to the end of the 19th centuries.   

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The archive keeps various types of documents, among them, baptismal, wedding, death certificates and marriage papers; as well as historic documentation generated by the Archbishopric of Lima since 1543.

Regarding the African memory, several documents are available in the series “Causas de negros” (Black trials), "Visitas de idolatrías de negros" (Visits to black idolatries) and "Matrimonios de negros" (Black marriages), in which the records on the afro-colonial population have been grouped.

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Founding Date



Calle Luis Espejo 1064, Santa Catalina, La Victoria.

Telephone Numbers


Person in charge

Lic. Laura Gutiérrez Arbulú - Director

Objectives of the institution

Gathering, classifying and service of the diocesan documentation corresponding to the collections of the Archbishopric of Lima at the service of historic research.