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Ecuador - Azúcar Afro Ecuadorian Social and Cultural Development Foundation

The institution promotes the human being's comprehensive development by providing high quality training and recreation, fostering the intellectual and spiritual development of its membership.  It displays the afro Ecuadorian cultural wealth, today not sufficiently appreciated or disseminated, as a contribution to a real economic, political, social and cultural development of the afro Ecuadorians and people of African descent. The Foundation has a library with approximately 500 publications, of which more than 50% deal with the topics of interest to the people of African descent; a collection of cultural videos; a gallery/museum space; the Grandparents House, and the AZUCAR dance and music group.

Work Areas: 1. Ethnic Education (Art and crafts; group of afro Ecuadorian music and dance, in its two traditional musical rhythms, Marimba-Costa and Bomba-Sierra; its training process has been called School for Studies for people of African descent – Identity-Culture-Education; addressed to children and young people. 2. Social Work in the city of Quito and in the black communities of Esmeraldas and the Valley of Chota. 3. Political formation: It carries out training and formation workshops, in topics such as: Human Rights, Collective Rights; Children’s Rights, Women’s and Family Rights (it consolidated the National Network of Afro Ecuadorian Young People on March 2011).

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The Foundation manages the project “Con Manos de Ébano” (With Ebony Hands) which is the result of several years of social mobilization of the people; it is part of the struggles for the vindication of the nationalities and peoples in Ecuador and the world; we have gathered strength, prominence and we are in sight of the societies; each of the individuals feels the need to know a little more about the characteristics and of becoming involved one way or the other in the mysteries that the "unknown". It has been awarded several prizes, for example the Marimba de Oro - Festival Contest Esmeraldas Carnivals twice: The first time,  the Azúcar-Marabú with Bomba; A second time Azúcar Music and Dance with Marimba. It also presented its work and development proposal in at the World Congress on Race, in San Diego California  – 2008.






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Founding Date



–Ethnic education –Culture and Identity –Gender-Artistic training –Political formation


Wilson E10-30 entre Tamayo y 12 de Octubre  

Telephone Numbers

(593 2) 222 8969

Person in charge

Sonia Viveros - Executive Director

Other members of the Executive

Milton Bautista – Subdirector

María de los Ángeles Delgado – Secretary

Rocío Villalba Foundation – Cultural Coordinator

Objectives of the institution

To contribute with the Ecuadorian people and state to reduce poverty creating jobs by developing individual capacities. And to struggle against all forms of racism and discrimination – through art and culture.