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Argentina - Cátedra Libre de Estudios Afroargentinos y Afroamericanos de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Free Chair on Afro Argentinean and Afro American Studies of the National University of La Plata)

An academic space to promote the implementation of activities, agreements and collaboration projects, with positive actions to highlight and acknowledge the contribution of the afro Argentinean and the afro American cultures in the making of our identity.

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Founding Date

Established by Resolution of the Presidency of the National University of La Plata Nº 232 on April 1st, 2011


Research on Afro Argentinean and Afro American cultures, South-South Cooperation


Museo de Instrumentos Musicales Emilio Azzarini, calle 45 N° 582, La Plata

Telephone Numbers

+54 911 6275 3587 (Director)
+54 9 221 4283576 (Secretario)

Person in charge

Norberto Pablo Cirio - Director

Other members of the Executive

Secretary: Augusto Perez Guarnieri

Objectives of the institution

  • To facilitate the study and dissemination of the afro Argentinean culture, and particular, and the afro American culture in general, within the National University of La Plata (UNLP).
  • To promote research, extension, and dissemination projects.
  • To promote activities geared at the community to enrich and disseminate the debate on the afro Argentinean culture and highlight its representations through collaborative work.
  • To promote and favour dialogue and cultural relations – above all in the universities – in three continents, trying to overcome the barriers preventing South-South cooperation.
  • To promote a culture of peace and understanding among the nations of the continents, highlighting the links that may unite them.
  • To contribute to the eradication of racial prejudices and stereotypes through the rehabilitation and acknowledgement of the cultural contribution of afro descendants.
  • To promote links with other departments of the UNLP and other organizations to develop joint projects in terms of generation and disclosure of the knowledge available on the subject matter.
  • To take part in conferences and projects related with the area of study promoted by other organizations and institutions, promoting collaboration.
  • To promote change and the general revision of programs, contents and texts of school education to include aspects of culture and history of the afro Argentineans from the colonial stock in the design of the curricula.
  • To promote actions in order to include aspects of the afro American culture in the curricular designs, considering the potential and the educational implications, optimizing the lessons learned in this connection by the project Africa en el Aula (Lyceum V. Mercante 2001-2009, registered for Edulp, 2007 ).
  •  To replace and research the legacy of the afro American cultures that exist in the Azzarini Museum and to analyze possible lines of action that may be implemented.
  •  To promote from the Azzarini Museum institutional linkages aimed at renewing and generating collections and examples of afro Argentinean and afro American cultures.
  •  To design academic activities (courses, seminaries, workshops, etc.) to allow spreading the progress made in this area of study.
  •  To generate and collaborate in activities toward the community, promoting inclusion, acknowledgement and social transformation; to consider the afro American cultural values as an alternative to the individualistic trends of present-day society.

Heritage documents under its protection

The Chair has the Mario Luis Lopez Library.

The state of conservation of the documents in the library is good.

The library is not open to the public yet.