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Ecuador - Casa Ochún Foundation

It is a first level organization, a private legal entity, non-profit organization, and a place for research, cultural production and dissemination. The Casa Ochún Foundation is a centre for social and cultural capacity building.  It has a school dedicated to training talents in artistic areas, for the most vulnerable population, mostly part of the afro Ecuadorian communities.  It has had the task of training children, young people and women in the consolidation of the ancestral traditions of the afro Ecuadorian communities. It works with several alternative groups, such as the music group Fusión Melanina, the dance group Ochún, the social and cultural network Eleguá, made up by children, youngsters and women of afro Ecuadorian communities in the outskirts of Quito. It has developed a psychological and self-esteem capacity building area, through therapies combining art and educational psychology techniques. The topics broached in these areas are gender equity, human rights, sexual and reproductive rights, racism and negative discrimination, ethnic education and oral tradition, and knowledge of the history of the afro Ecuadorian people.

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The Foundation was born from the need to strengthen the sense of identity of the community of people of African descent. During its existence it has had a fruitful impact in the fields of research, development, production and dissemination of the music, dance, literature, poetry, crafts, typical foods, and design and tailoring, based on the extensive wealth of afro Ecuadorian customs and traditions.

The OCHÚN Foundation is an organization for social and cultural capacity-building. We have implemented creative and artistic production workshops, which have allowed us an inter-relation with other cultures and peoples, with the purpose of contributing to the building of a truly inter-cultural society.



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Other data of interest


Founding Date

February 2002, although it became a legal entity on December 20th, 2007, through Ministerial Agreement Nº 038


Cultural – Formation/Training


Francisco robles oe12 123 Leonidas Plaza, Carapungo, Calderón-Quito.

Links to social networks

Twitter: @casaochunfundacion




Person in charge

Maestra Rosa Mosquera - Director

Other members of the Executive

Lindbergh Valencia -Coordinator

Objectives of the institution

To revaluate of the culture of African origin from the roots level, passing on our heritage to the students.

Develop and promote actions for the social and cultural revitalization and strengthening of the people of African descent in the urban-marginal areas of Quito and the provinces of Imbabura, Carchi and Esmeraldas.

Strengthen the unity and wellbeing of the members of the Foundation.

Improve the quality of life of each one of its members.

Generate alternative employment opportunities in the area of culture and handicraft.

Foster the individual and collective knowledge of its members.

Defend the rights of each of its members.