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Argentina - Casa de la Cultura Indo-Afro-Americana “Mario Luis López” (“Mario Luis López” Indo-Afro-American House of Culture)

An entity created to promote the study and appreciation of the indigenous and afro cultures of the country and the continent, articulating dialogues among the communities and the nation-states for social betterment, taking into account the historic disparities resulting from the conquest of America and the slave traffic. Today it is the oldest operational afro Argentinean institution.

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Legal entity 552, member of the “Tambor Abuelo” Federal Network of Afro Argentineans of Colonial Stock. The House participated in the Preparatory Meeting -Conference Santiago + 5 against Racism, Xenophobia, Discrimination and Related Intolerance in Santiago, Chile (2000) and the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance in Durban (2001).

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Founding Date

21 March 1988


Indigenous cultures of Argentina, afro Argentinean culture, afro American cultures, struggle against discrimination and racism


Lamadrid 2956, Santa Fe (Santa Fe)

Telephone Numbers

+54 0342 15-477-5381

Person in charge

Lucía Dominga Molina Sandez - President

Objectives of the institution

To rescue, value and defend the indigenous and afro roots of the country and the continent.

Heritage documents under its protection

The House of Culture has the “Lucas Fernández” Library, which suffered an important loss and the deterioration of its assets due to the flooding of the city in 2003. At present it has around 2000 volumes.

The Destéfano Collection (70 photographs of Afro Santafesinos taken on 1998)

The state of conservation of these documents is good and fair. This documentation is public.

Periodicals published by the institution

Casa de la Cultura Indo-Afroamericana (1° época) Magazine; Indo-Afro-América (2° época) Magazine.

Period: From Jun-1988 (Nº 1) to Jan-1993 (Nº 8, last).

Area: Santa Fe (Dpt. La Capital, Santa Fe).

Director: Mario Luis López.

Cuadernillo 1. Afroargentinos

Period: Sept-1991 (Nº 1, single).

Area: Santa Fe (Dpt. La Capital, Santa Fe).

Director: Mario Luis López.

Other publications by the institution

López, Mario Luis


Comparsa “Negros Santafesinos”. Presencia negra en la ciudad de Santa Fe (República Argentina) en la primer mitad del siglo XX. Palara 4: 54-60. Columbia: Afro-latin/American Research Association.


Una historia a contramano de la “oficial”: Demetrio Acosta, “el Negro Arigós”, y la Sociedad Coral Carnavalesca Negros Santafesinos. Santa Fe: Cámara de Diputados de la Provincia de Santa Fe.

Molina, Lucía Dominga and Mario Luis López


Aportes de africanos y afrodescendientes a la identidad nacional argentina. In: Sheila S. Walker (Comp.), Conocimiento desde adentro : Los afrosudamericanos hablan de sus pueblos y sus historias. La Paz: Fundación Pedro Andavérez Peralta. Vol. I, pp. 89-144.