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Ecuador - Catholic University of Ecuador

An academic community that, in a rigorous and critical way, contributes to protect and develop human dignity and cultural heritage through research, teaching and various services offered to the local, national and international communities. It has several facilities in different provinces of Ecuador.

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The interest in this institution is that the dissertations and research developed by the students of this University, above all, those from the School of Human Sciences, deal with topics regarding the peoples of African descent.  

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Although with certain restrictions the historical archive holds documents mentioning matters related to the history of the peoples of African descent (unfortunately a catalogue has not been made available to the public). The Juan José Flores Archive was the property of General Juan José Flores who arrived in Quito in 1822 accompanying the Liberator Simon Bolivar, was later on appointed General Civil Governor of the South and elected first President of the Republic in 1830. General Flores collected letters and documents from personalities such as Bolivar, Sucre and others. His son, President Antonio Flores Jr. continued to enrich this archive, but died in Geneva in 1915. The archive came to the university in 1973. There are around 10.000 documents from the period of independence and the beginnings of the Republic.

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Avenida 12 de Octubre 1076 y Roca Quito, Ecuador  

Telephone Numbers

(593) 02 299 1700

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Links to social networks

Fb: pontificiauniversidadcatolicadelecuador

Twitter: @PUCE_Ecuador


Person in charge

Dr. Fernando Ponce León, S.J. - Chancellor

Other members of the Executive

Doctor Fernando Barredo Heinert, SJ., Vice-chancellor,

Doctor Graciela Monesterolo Lencioni, Academic General Director

Objectives of the institution

Training autonomous men and women in a comprehensive way, to become aware, competent, compassionate and committed, and moreover, capable of learning, meditating, and reading reality in a critical way in order to transform the world into a more equitable place.


Heritage documents under its protection

The University houses the Juan José Flores Historical Archive with approximately 10.000 heritage documents from 1822 to 1915.

They are in a very good state of conservation and are used for research.

Periodicals published by the institution

The magazine of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador is a semestral publication (May and November) of its Centre of Publications.

The objective of Índex, a magazine of contemporary art, is to disseminate research and critical processes focused on the visual arts, with special emphasis on the production of thinking generated in Latin America. This publication is aimed at academic and artistic communities and to a wider public interested in developing and examining the multifarious complexity of the field of art.

Antropología Cuadernos de Investigación is a publication of the School of Anthropology of the Catholic University of Ecuador. It began as a periodical publication in 1981 and seven issues were published up to 2008. In 2009 the publication was renewed with the present format and as of year 2014 it comes out every six months. Its editorial structure includes the following sections: Introduction, theme, proposals, documents and testimonials, ethnography, scientific and academic notes, obituaries and book reviews.

Other publications by the institution

The Catholic University of Ecuador is celebrating its seventy years of service to Ecuador and the world. Consequently, we want to share with you this publication which gathers, in a brief and accurate synthesis, the thinking that brought forth this educational centre and its development throughout the last 70 years.