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Peru - Francisco Congo Black Movement

The organization groups various communities and collectives from the coastal area of the country linked to the work in favour of human rights and the vindication of the afro Peruvian identity, through its technical office: the Ethnical Development Centre (CEDET).

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An early afro Peruvian organization for social, cultural and political vindication. Since its inception it tried to coordinate the actions of various national groupings promoting the acknowledgement of the historic rights and cultural initiatives in favour of the population of African descent. In order to strengthen a development of a “black political identity” it was reconfigured at the beginning of the year 200 as the Francisco Congo Afro-Peruvian National Movement, with its technical office the “Ethnic Development Centre” (CEDET).   

See Activities of the Ethnic Development Centre (CEDET).

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Founding Date

25 June 1992 (Public Registry) / 29 December 1986 (institutional memory)


Dissemination of afro Peruvian culture and favour the implementation of initiatives linked to the afro Peruvian memory and culture.


Calle Ramón del Valle Inclán, Dpto. 181, La Molina

Fax number

348-3557 / 999 139 465

Person in charge

Paul Colinó Monroy - Director

Objectives of the institution

To hold activities in favour of recognizing the afro Peruvian rights and identity.

Periodicals published by the institution

Bongó Digital magazine (discontinued)