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Peru - House of the Yapatera Culture

Private association, of local character, promoting research and vindicating the African cultural presence in the northern coastal area of the country.

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The museum emerged as an initiative of local activists, organized by the Civil Association of the House of Yapatera Culture, in order to claim the memory of African descent of this population. They have organized a museum with halls of photographs, paintings and materials related to the African heritage in the area of the northern coast of Peru.

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Founding Date

19 January 2014


African cultural presence in the area of Yapatera and the northern coast of Peru.


Centro Poblado Yapatera, Mz. A Lt. 2, Chulucanas-Piura.  

Telephone Numbers

969498775 (teléfono del director)

Person in charge

Abelardo Alzamora Arévalo - Director

Objectives of the institution

To promote the culture of African root in the area, through the implementation of various activities, promoting practices such as pottery, wood carving, dance and music, literature and oral narratives as those expressed in the cumananas.