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Argentina - Misibamba Association. Afro Argentinean Community of Buenos Aires

The institution is inscribed in a social and historical moment involving a collective memory, an idea according to which our cultural roots have been shaped by the contributions that the European cultures and the cultures of the original inhabitants, disregarding the enslaved. Despite the efforts of certain discourses that have attempted to build the country with a Eurocentric perspective, we can no longer hide that the construction of our identity demands to be reviewed from a pluralistic viewpoint.

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Legal entity 8828, member of the “Tambor Abuelo” Federal Network of Afro Argentineans of Colonial Stock.

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Founding Date

4 mayo 2008


Afro Argentinean Culture of Colonial Stock


No tiene sede, da como referencia la dirección del secretario, Carlos César Lamadrid: Calle 302, casa 127, sector C, Ciudad Evita. La Matanza (Prov. de Buenos Aires)

Telephone Numbers

+54 11-4495-5852

Person in charge

María Elena Lamadrid - President

Other members of the Executive

Hugo Vicente Taiano, Vice president; Carlos César Lamadrid, Secretary; Antonio Rafael Fernández, Treasurer; Mauro Lamadrid, member; Aída Lucía Barrientos, member; Graciela Beatriz Garay, substitute member; Yolanda del Carmen Ibañez, substitute member.

Web address

Objectives of the institution

  • To lay the basis to make the Afro Argentinean culture visible to the entire Argentinean society and to the international community.
  • To promote the vital development of the Afro Argentinean culture within the communities of Argentinean Afro descendants.
  • To encourage the exchange between the various ethnic groups of Argentina and the world.
  • To contribute to the education of the Argentinean society in general and the international community by contributing our knowledge on the different aspects of the Afro Argentinean culture. To this end we will develop seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences; audio-visual materials and documentaries, and a periodical publication centred on our problems.  We will also assist the mass media, establish radio programmes together with competent professionals in each of the above-mentioned areas; implementation of recitals.
  • To collaborate with national and international governmental institutions in order to give assessment, plan and promote programmes of exchange and integration.
  • To promote social, cultural and educational exchange and integration among the members of the African diaspora in our country and the African countries through representative institutions in Argentina.
  • To struggle against all forms of discrimination, racism and xenophobia, as well as against the omission of the Argentinean afro descendants. To this end we will promote and develop cooperation with national, provincial and foreign learning institutions.
  • To create training and capacity building workshops in ethnic education in order to increase the appreciation of the ethnic diversity of the country.
  • To develop an ambience of cordial relations and solidarity between the associated and promote intellectual and cultural improvement.

Heritage documents under its protection

The association has its own library Gabino Ezeiza, opened on November 24th, 2012, made up by approx. 120 publications in paper, video and sound track.

112 census cards of the first self-managed census of Afro Argentineans of colonial stock (2014).

The state of conservation of these documents is good. This documentation is used by the members of the institution.

Other publications by the institution

Carlos César Lamadrid, César Omar Lamadrid and Norberto Pablo Cirio


Primer censo autogestionado de afroargentinos del tronco colonial. Barrio BID de Ciudad Evita y zonas aledañas. In Actas de las Quintas Jornadas de Historia Regional de La Matanza. La Matanza: Universidad Nacional de La Matanza, p. 338-354.

Also in


Primer censo autogestionado de afroargentinos del tronco colonial. Barrio BID de Ciudad Evita y zonas aledañas. Identidades 6: 73-90. Santiago de Cuba (digital magazine in Spanish and English). English versión: First Self-Managed Census of Afro-Argentines of Colonial Origin: Misibamba Association, Ciudad Evita’s IBD Neighbourhood, and Nearby Areas (Municipality of La Matanza, Buenos Aires, 2014), p. 80-100.