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Cuba - Museo Casa de África (House of Africa Museum), Office of the Historian of Havana

The building was constructed in 1887 as a family dwelling. The living quarters were in the first floor and there was a tobacco warehouse in the ground floor. Our collections include the belongings of Don Fernando Ortiz, and more than a hundred African objects and works donated as a result of Cuba’s cultural exchange with the African continent during the last 55 years.

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The Museum houses the following collections:

  • Slavery
  • Fernando Ortiz
  • Popular religiosity of African origin
  • Ritual and decorative African masks
  • Weapons and tools used in Africa
  • African textiles and garments
  • Collection of Cuban and African musical instruments
  •  African basketry (and other crafted utensils)

The institution allows continuing the recovery of our cultural identity of African origin through theatre plays, music and dancing performances, the promotion of conferences, courses and workshops given at our institution by outstanding scholars and researchers, opening of transitory national and international exhibitions. 

The Museum is the venue of The Slave Route Cuban National Commission, and is represented in the Vice-Presidency of the Cuba-Africa Friendship Association.

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Museology, artistic, educational, community services, research  


Calle Obrapia #157 entre San Ignacio y Mercaderes Habana Vieja

Telephone Numbers

(53) 7861 5798

Person in charge

Alberto Granado Duque - Director

Other members of the Executive

Adriana Pérez Pérez

Inaury Portuondo

Elvira Pardo

Objectives of the institution

To disseminate African history, culture and art and its imprint on the identity of the Cuban nation through its collections. To promote cultural instructive actions to emphasise the contribution of the descendants from the African continent to our culture and identity as a nation. 

Heritage documents under its protection

Original documents on slavery

Documents from the Fernando Ortiz collection, including letters, photographs, caricatures, first edition books

José Luciano Franco collection

Argeliers León collection

The state of conservation of these documents is good. They are used by researchers, teachers, professors, students, for publication, reproductions for dissemination and exhibits.

Periodicals published by the institution

“DIALOGO” Bulletin ISSN 2222-0828

Other publications by the institution

Memoirs of the annual conference on Social and Cultural Anthropology

AFROAMERICANA, from 1996 up to 2017. ISSN 2222-0828

Multimedia African Legacy Museo Casa de África

ISBN 878 959 294 133 5