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Argentina - Museo Histórico de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Historical Museum of the National University of Cordoba)

The UNC Historical Museum of the National University of Cordoba is part of the Museum Programme of the National University of Cordoba, established after been declared World Heritage. It carried out exhibits, guided visits and other activities to promote the history of the UNC.

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The UNC´s Historical Museum is part of the Route of the Slave Cordoba Group.

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Founding Date

2000 December 08


Learning institution


Obispo Trejo 242 PB - 5000Córdoba - Argentina

Telephone Numbers

54 351 4332075

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Person in charge

Arq. Florencia Cuenca - Director of the UNC´s Historical Museum

Objectives of the institution

  • To disseminate and reflect on the history of the National University of Cordoba, from its Jesuit past to present time.
  • To become a reference centre for the history of the Jesuit province of Paraguay.
  • To promote the various contributors to the establishment of the university, beyond their academic status.

Heritage documents under its protection

The museum exhibits the Jesuit Collection (bibliographic funds of the Main Library) made up by books that belonged to the University during the period managed by the Society of Jesus. Within the collection, incorporated to the Memory of the World Register for Latin America and the Caribbean, there are texts referring to Pedro Claver, Antonio Vieyra and Luis de Molina, jesuits who reflected on the evangelization of Blacks.

The state of conservation of these documents is very good

This documentation is used for research and temporary exhibits.