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Cuba - Museo Municipal de Madruga (Municipal Museum of Madruga)

Built towards the mid-19th century, this traditional and well-preserved house of stonework and wood belonged to the O’Farrill family; it is an example of the vernacular architecture, and the daily life of the household and family has been recreated. Today it is an important museum in the province of Mayabeque.

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Founding Date

1982 February 15


Conservation of Cultural Heritage


Avenida 25 entre 28 y 30, No. 2807, Madruga, Mayabeque

Telephone Numbers

(53) 4781 5354

Person in charge

Carlos Miguel Suárez Sardiñas -

Objectives of the institution

The objective of the institution is to preserve its collections, to identify, protect and disseminate the tangible and intangible heritage of the municipality, including traditional popular culture and to offer a cultural programme consistent with its terms of reference.

Heritage documents under its protection

It holds a collection of documents regarding the French-Creole coffee plantations and the local history.

The state of conservation of these documents is fair. They are used for consults by specialists and historians.