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Argentina - Museo Nacional Estancia Jesuítica de Alta Gracia y Casa del Virrey Liniers (National Museum Estancia Jesuitica de Alta Gracia and House of Viceroy Liniers)

The headquarters are in the Jesuit Residence, a building from the 17th century that is part of the premises of the Estancia de Alta Gracia. It was part of the Jesuit system in Cordoba. World Heritage. The halls depict daily life during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and beginning of the 20th century.


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Founding Date

Official opening on 1977 August 26.


Preservation, research, exhibition, communication, education, community extension.


Padre Domingo Viera 41. Alta Gracia. Córdoba – Argentina

Telephone Numbers


Fax number

03547 - 421303

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Person in charge

Lic. Adriana Martinez - Director

Objectives of the institution

We deal with the economic, social and cultural processes of the Estancia Jesuitica de Alta Gracia from its origins up to date and we have the following objectives:

· To build a space for critical reflection in our community, on its cultural legacy and its natural environment.

· To preserve and exhibit the buildings and the assets they lodge in their collections.

· To generate the educational tools and projects in order to interpret and disseminate the characteristics of our legacy, acknowledged institutionally as cultural assets.

      · To contribute to preserve the memory and to acknowledge the main protagonists of the Estancia de Alta Gracia, in which we may trace both our individuality and our diversity.

Heritage documents under its protection

- Account ledgers of the estancias Jesuiticas de: Alta Gracia; Colegio Maximo of Cordoba; Sermons by the procurator priest of the provinces of Santa Catalina; La Candelaria; San Ignacio.

- Around 84 documents, including letters, documents of donations and offices, donation gifts, certificates of confession, a Lutheran bile, a sacred bible in Latin. Postcards. Photographs.

- Books of archaeological research. Registers made in the museum during the 1970s.

- Photographs of the archaeological research effort undertaken in the museum in the 1970s.

- Document describing the structural changes in the building.

The documents are well preserved.

Use given to this documentation: Preservation and research of the building. Exhibition and dissemination of heritage.

Periodicals published by the institution

Seminars on the history of the Paravachasca, Calamuchita and Xanaes peoples. Biannual publication. The contents of the publication include the research projects presented in each edition. These seminars are carried out since the year 1997.

Other publications by the institution

- Guide for the interpretation of the museum.

- Brochure with information about the museum.

- Account ledgers of the Jesuits digitalized in CD format.

- Dictionary about the flora and fauna of the Paravachasca Valley, made by the rural communities of the area.

- “Aromas Cercanos”. Recipe book on the cuisine of the mountain area.

- CD “Querencia serrana”, songs written and interpreted by rural schools and communities, together with guest musicians.