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Cuba - Museo de Arte de Matanzas (Art Museum of Matanzas)

The house occupied by the institution was built during the second half of the 19th century as the private residence of lawyer Carlos Ortiz Hernández. The museum houses a collection donated by Lorenzo Padilla Díaz with more than 300 works of African art, from various ethnic groups of 14 countries.

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The Art Museum of Matanzas (MAM) holds one of the most significant African art collections in Cuba. This repository of identify and culture was donated by Cuban artist Lorenzo Padilla Díaz (Matanzas, 1931) in the year 2000. The collection safeguards the artistic and patrimonial values of the peoples of the African continent, and it bears witness to the cultural importance of these artistic works vis-à-vis their religious ideologies. MAM’s collection of traditional African art up to the previous date was made up by 350 works of art from 110 ethnic groups, from 16 countries of the so-called Sub-Saharan Africa. Today, the new addition of 126 artworks incorporates other countries and ethnic groups not previously represented, such as Tanzania, Guinea, Sudan, Togo, Madagascar, and also works from Northern Africa. Currently, the collection is made up by 505 works of art.

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Founding Date

1998 May 19


International and Cuban Art (16th to 20th century)           Traditional African Art


Contreras # 28007 e/ Jovellanos y Matanzas  

Telephone Numbers

(53) 4529 0735

Person in charge

Diana Oraida González Alonso - Director

Objectives of the institution

Its significant collections of artwork have allowed the institution to rescue, safeguard, research, and exhibit and preserve national heritage.