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Peru - National Library of Peru

It is the most important library about Peru, treasuring printed and handwritten material, in bibliographic texts, newspapers and periodicals and the like. In this sense, it gathers a variety of documents, both texts and visual, on the African presence and the life of the people of African descent.

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It houses old collections of books, periodicals, manuscripts, posters, brochures, etc. In the case of Afro Peruvian history, there are outstanding documents on the African presence in Peru: Photographs, testimonials, local customs bibliography and various documents about slaves and afro Peruvians, watercolour albums with people of African descent in Lima, etc.


Likewise, in the National Library (and also in its facility of Abancay Avenue, the “Public Library of Lima”) there are exhibit halls and spaces to organize shows on different topics associated to the afro Peruvian presence including the various materials of this repository, as was the show “Simplemente Nicomedes”, open to the public from March to April 2017, dealing with the contribution of Nicomedes Santa Cruz to the study and appreciation of the African cultural heritage.


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Founding Date

28 August 1821


Gathering, classification and service of bibliographic and photographic materials, newspapers and periodicals, manuscripts and various posters.


Avenida De la Poesía 160, San Borja – Lima.  

Telephone Numbers

01-5136900 / anexo 7000

Person in charge

Alejandro Arturo Neyra Sánchez - Director

Objectives of the institution

Gathering, classification and service of bibliographic materials about Peru.

Heritage documents under its protection

It has European incunabulum books from the end of the 15th century and the important photographic collection of the Courret Studio (end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century) portraying part of the life of the city of Lima.

The state of conservation of this documentation is good. 

Public access for research purposes.


Periodicals published by the institution

Fénix. Magazine of the National Library of Peru (N° 46, 2017)

Libros y Artes. Cultural Magazine of the National Library of Peru (N° 86-87, 2017)