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Ecuador - Salesian Polytechnic University

The Salesian Polytechnic University is a higher learning institution devoted to the polytechnic and the humanities education, of Christian inspiration with catholic character of Salesian nature, dedicated preferentially to young people from popular sectors; it seeks to build academic and research capacity to contribute to local and national sustainable development. It has centres in Cuenca and Guayaquil and also offers distance learning courses.

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Interest in this academic institution is based on the dissertations, doctoral thesis and articles in the repository on the topic of the peoples of African descent. Access to the virtual libraries of the University is:

The university is a UNESCO Chair for support technology towards educational inclusion.



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Founding Date

1994 August 4


Academic- Research


Avenida Isabel La Católica N. 23-52 y Madrid

Telephone Numbers

(+593) 2 3962900 3962800

Fax number

(+593) 2 3962900

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Person in charge

Xavier Errán Gómez - Chancellor

Other members of the Executive

Teaching Vice Chancellor, José Juncosa

Objectives of the institution

To educate Ecuadorian youngsters in the fraternity for their full promotion, offering them a proposal stemming from accepting their own values and calling to solidarity, in the context of the social and ecclesiastic community.

To form people with human maturity to know how to make the synthesis of ethics, life and culture coherently, to take action in line with justice, solidarity and fraternity, bearing witness to man's highest ethical values.

To speed up the formation of learning communities in order to develop an education with a liberating perspective, and to train young people in values, knowledge, work and social involvement.

To promote qualitative changes in the education offered by Salesian centres, with a view to establishing alternative pedagogical models to meet the learning needs, advancing personal and social life in their authentic dimensions.

Periodicals published by the institution

This link allows access to the UPS’s publications:

“Alteridad” is a scientific magazine on education, whose end is to contribute to the socialization and debate of the results of scientific production among researchers and professors in the area of education and trans-disciplinary lines such as Didactics, Public Policies, School Management, Social Pedagogy, Edu-Communication, and IT, among others.

“Sophia: Colección de Filosofía de la Educación” is the only magazine in Ecuador and one of the few in Latin America specialized in the philosophy of education. Its inter-disciplinary lines such as Epistemology, Deontology, Aesthetics, Critical Studies, Hermeneutic, Axiology, Ontology, Philosophical Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophic Analysis and relative areas, contribute to enriching philosophical reflection.

«Universitas» is a bilingual scientific publication of the Salesian Polytechnic University of Ecuador, published since January 2002 uninterruptedly, every six months, specialized in social sciences and the humanities, and in its inter-disciplinary lines such as sociology, anthropology, social psychology, social development, communities, Latin American studies, political studies, among others.

Other publications by the institution

Scientific magazines may be found through this link: