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Peru - San Daniel Comboni Cultural Centre and Museum of Afro Peruvian Culture

Non profit association established by local interlocutors to support the local parish, and promote the identity and memory of the people of African descent. The facility also has a library, graphic material and music instruments.  

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The Centre has been backed by the Carmelite parish priest of the local church who, since its establishment, has collaborated with the implementation of cultural activities. The presence of the institution has reached 18 towns in the district, apart from actions in Cañete, Chincha and Lima.


An audio-visual workshop was implemented between the years 2007-2008 with young people from the last year of the local secondary schools. The material gathered in such experience allowed to produce a documentary called “Hatajos de Negritos de El Carmen” (CCA San Daniel Comboni, 2009).


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Bibliographic and documentary compilation, musical training and activities for afro Peruvian identity revaluation.


Calle Tupac Amaru N° 14, el Carmen-Chincha.  

Telephone Numbers


Person in charge

Zalamira Cartagena Cotito - Director

Objectives of the institution

To promote the appreciation of the afro Peruvian community and identity through the compilation, preservation and dissemination of its expressions.