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Ecuador - Simon Bolivar Andean University Ecuador campus

Academic institution with an international scope, established as a centre for the convergence of experiences, values and initiatives from the countries of the Andean Community of Nations (ACN), and as a contact mechanism with other universities and cultural institutions in the world.

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This institution has been taken into account because it has facilities destined specifically for the afro- Andean peoples of the region such as: Faculty of Afro-Andean Studies, the Afro-Andean Documentary Collection, and the thesis and research projects regarding the topic of the African Diaspora.


The Chair of Afro-Andean Studies has the main goal of contributing to the positive evaluation of the presence, influence, contribution and comprehensive creativity of the peoples of African descent on the societies of the region, through a programme focused on academic studies, periodical conferences, research projects, publications and other specialized activities. Its concept and organization deepens, consolidates and enlarges the efforts started as of the year 2000 by the Simon Bolivar Andean University on its campus in Ecuador with afro Ecuadorian organizations and intellectuals of African descent and others, efforts that have allowed us to establish social, political, educational and research links with institutions and groups in the region, as well as establishing inter-institutional agreements. The UASB houses a repository with scores of master and doctoral dissertations referring to afro Ecuadorian topics.


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UASB (sede Ecuador)

Founding Date

It was founded in 1985 by the Andean Parliament and it is partially financed by the Andean Community. It is a university specialized in post-graduate courses with campuses in Sucre, Bolivia (since 1985), Main Campus in Quito, Ecuador (since1992) and the r




Toledo N-20-80 (Plaza Brasilla)  

Telephone Numbers

(593 2) 322 8085, 299 3600

Fax number

(593 2) 322 8426

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Person in charge

Dr. Jaime Brehil - Chancellor

Other members of the Executive

Alex Remache, Vice Chancellor

Virginia Alta, General Secretary

Objectives of the institution

To offer a comprehensive and quality education

Develop research and rendering of services, specially the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge.

To promote the spirit of cooperation and coordination among the universities of the sub-region, and to help in the implementation and strengthening of the principles of the Andean Community.

Heritage documents under its protection

Afro-Andean documentary collection with recordings and photographs in 35 mm negative format and publications of the first afro Ecuadorian notebooks.

The state of conservation of these documents is very good, both the sound tracks and the photographs have been digitalized.  Use: For researchers and photographic exhibitions.

Periodicals published by the institution

The University has several permanent publications in some areas of its academic syllabus and a serial publication of master’s degree dissertations. This link allows viewing all its publications:

Other publications by the institution

The list of publications of the UASB may be found through this link: