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Peru - Danza de los Negritos (dance of the little blacks), in all the mountain ranges of the country.

A folkloric dance from the area of Huanca in central Peru (Huánuco, Pasco and Junín). According to tradition originally it was a dance of the slaves that had been taken to work in the haciendas of the mountain range. Unlike what happened in the coastal area, they was no ban on celebrating with dances, which were highly appreciated by the local population, hence, with the passing of time, Indians, Mestizo and Creoles assimilated this type of dance, which is why this dance is representative of the cultural and ethnical mix of the mountain ranges.

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Although the expression is linked to the various religious celebrations in all the mountain ranges of the country, the early manifestation of this expression took place in the central sierra and, especially in the province of Huánuco. Thus, the different brotherhoods of Negritos de Huánuco represent the most characteristic cultural and religious organization of these types of dances.


Information offered by researchers interested in the negritos de Huánuco have even associated the origin of the dance with the enactment of a law announced by the government of Ramón Castilla in 1854, establishing manumission and the end of African slavery.        

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Danza de los Negritos (dance of the little blacks), in all the mountain ranges of the country.


En toda la serranía peruana (In all the Peruvian mountain range)  

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