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Peru - El Checo de Zaña (The Checo from the town of Zaña)

El checo” is a percussion instrument made from a single material, the bark of dry squash, to which preservatives are added, with a rectangular or circular hole made to obtain resonance. It is tapped directly with the palm of the hands.

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The acknowledgement of the checo as intangible heritage of the nation by initiative of the afro-Peruvian Museum of Zaña submitted to the Ministry of Culture.

Accessibility:  51 km. to the south-east of Chiclayo, capital of the province of Lambayeque.
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Historical name

El Checo de Zaña (The Checo from the town of Zaña)


El pueblo de Zaña en la provincia de Chiclayo, en el departamento de Lambayeque (The town of Zaña in the province of Lambayeque)

Phone numbers

(074) 431085 Municipalidad de Zaña.


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  • Intangible Cultural Heritage of Peru en 2011-12-05 0