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Peru - Festivity to honour the Native Child, the Sweet Child, and the Mighty Child of Acoria

It is a dance performed to pay homage to the birth of God Child (December 25), represented by the images of the Native Child, the Sweet Child and the Mighty Child; the “danza de los Negritos de Acoria” takes place on December 31st, and January 1st and 2nd every year. In the said festivity, the participating neighbourhoods show their dancing skills and the ability of the dancers to form “human towers”.

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As an acknowledgement of the importance acquired by the “danza de los negritos” regarding the festivity and local identity, the January celebration is also known as "the Festivity of the Little Black Children of Acoria”.   


Although the use of masks and local tradition make reference to the African influence of this dance, there are no important ethnic-historic or folkloric studies regarding this afro-Peruvian cultural heritage.

Accessibility: From the city of Huancavelica there is a 45 km distance to the town of Acoria, approximately one hour away.
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Distrito de Acoria, provincia de Huancavelica, departamento de Huancavelica (District of Acoria, province of Huancavelica, department of Huancavelica)

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(067) 838018 Municipalidad de Acoria

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  • Patrimonio nacional en 2015-11-11 RVM 163-2015-VMPCIC-MC