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Peru - La danza de los Negritos de Huayán (Dance of the little blacks of Huayán)

A group of masked male dancers perform a choreographed dance, associated to the celebration of the God Child. This performance starts on the evening of December 23rd with “El Rompe” (the break), which owes its name to the entrance of the dancers who “break” the still of the night. Afterwards, the dancers divide into two groups, the upper and lower neighbourhoods, who challenge each other showing the best steps and choreographies. The celebration extends up to December 31st.

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According to oral tradition, these dances recall the slave population, who arrived in this region during the colonial period to work the land. From the outlook of the local population, these characters are the bearers of grace and good luck, linked to the arrival of the God Child, during the Christmas celebrations.


The acknowledgement of these dances as intangible material is owed, in part, to the cultural associations of migrants, such as the Asociación Hijos de Huayán (Association of Children of Huayán).


Accessibility: Taking the Panamericana Norte highway, at 293 km from the city of Lima. The journey to the province of Huarmey takes approximately four and a half hours.
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Historical name

La danza de los Negritos de Huayán (Dance of the little blacks of Huayán)


Pueblo de Huayán, provincia de Huarmey, en la región Ancash (Town of Huayán, Province of Huarmey, in the region of Ancash)    


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