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Uruguay - The Candombe and its social and cultural space: a community practice. Sur, Palermo and Cordón areas

In the city of Montevideo there are three traditional drumming of Candombe, born in the barrio Sur, the barrio Palermo and the barrio Cordon. Its buildings and streets recreate the living heritage of afro-Uruguayans through the calling of the drums, recalling how each African group or nation during the 19th century used to “call” its members by playing the drums. The Candombe, transmitted in families of African ancestry, is not only an expression of resistance, but also a Uruguayan musical festivity and a collective social practice deeply rooted in the daily life of these neighbourhoods.

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Intangible memory sites.

In order to safeguard the Candombe, the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC), among other actions, established the “Advisory Group on Candombe” (GAC) made up by persons of reference in the areas of Sur, Palermo and Cordón, places of origin of the drumming of Candombe.
All the data, telephone numbers, web page, electronic mail, and facebook correspond to the Advisory Group on Candombe.

- Declared intangible heritage of the country by Resolution Nº 414/010 issued on March 4, 2010

– Inscribed on the representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity during the 4th session of the inter-governmental Committee, October 2009

- Identified as Memory Site of Uruguay in the framework of the project “The Slave Route in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay”

Supplemented with excerpts from “Sitios de Memoria y culturas vivas de los afrodescendientes en Argentina, Paraguay y Uruguay. Volume I Huellas e Identidades”,El candombe y su espacio sociocultural: una práctica comunitaria, Karla Chagas, Natalia Stalla, Alex Borucki.

All Sundays and in many holidays the calling of the drums of Candombe may be heard in the areas of Sur, Palermo and Cordón.
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Barrios Sur, Palermo y Cordón de la ciudad de Montevideo (Barrios Sur, Palermo and Cordón in the city of Montevideo)  

Phone numbers

2916 10 16 int. 1550

Responsible entity

Grupo Asesor del Candombe / Advisory Group on Candombe

Management plan

The strategic lines of a Safeguard plan are being developed.

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National monument Inscribed on the representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity


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Work carried out in the framework of the project “Historic survey of Intangible Cultural Heritage – Item Candombe”