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Ecuador - Aparicio Caicedo Graveyard

In 1885 the lands of the commune of the Santiago River were bought, where Playa de Oro is. The elders tell that the burial site was also built around this date. Its importance lies in the fact that the first members of the Playa de Oro commune were buried there. Although now we can see in their graves that they were buried one on top of the other they are present in our memory. When the burial site was enclosed it was given the name of Aparicio Caicedo, the first one to be buried after the walls were built, since he was a respected person in the community.

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Along the Santiago river by motorboat and now also through a secondary road. 
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Other data of interest


Historical name

Playa de Oro Graveyard

Founding Date

Established around 1885, date of foundation of Playa de Oro


Norte de Esmeraldas (North of Esmeraldas)

Responsible entity

Town Council

Management plan




Burial place

Access level


Current Use

Burial site 

Original use

Burial site 

Property kind