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Dominican Republic - Callejón de La Negreta (Alley of La Negreta)

“Its original name was that of La Negreta, and the origin of the said name, according to tradition, is that there was a building in the early colonial days to confine the black slaves. There are ruins at the end of the said alley, that the people since time immemorial call “Casa del Diablo” (house of the Devil).


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Accessibility:  Good, taking the Isabel La Católica Street.
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Other data of interest

Dominican Republic

Historical name

La Negreta


Callejón La Negreta, Santa Bárbara, Ciudad Colonial de Santo Domingo , PC: 10212 .

Responsible entity

National Division of Monumental Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, the District’s City Council




Place of confinement

Access level


Current Use

Public road

Original use

Slave market

Property kind