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Argentina - Capilla de los Negros (Chapel of the Blacks)

Meeting place built by the Black community of Chascomus, with social, religious and festive purposes. In time it became a living landmark of afro descendants, a tourist and cultural place were the afro and afro chascomunense culture is promoted.

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Guided and dramatized visits about the afro history and the chapel, with local artists and musicians and tourist guides, following a script on the history.

Guided tourist visits are offered to different local, tourist, student, senior citizen groups, etc.

Accessibility: Saturdays and Sundays: Winter Timetable: from 11:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs; Summer timetable from 11:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs.
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Other data of interest


Historical name

Capilla de la Hermandad de los Morenos (Chapel of the Brotherhood of the Dark-Skinned)

Founding Date



Avenida Teniente General Juan Domingo Perón y Venezuela, Ciudad de Chascomús de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina   , PC: 7130 .

Phone numbers

:+54 9 2241 46-2721

Responsible entity

Familia Luis

Management plan

There is not a site management plan. The family manages the chapel as a tourist-cultural site.The plans and the title deed of the land (the chapel and the family house are in a single plot) are in the name of Eloísa Guillerma González Soler de Luis. The chapel was declared National Historic Place.




Others Local monument National monument


Multipurpose Religious-ceremonial site

Access level


Current Use

Touristic and cultural

Original use

Meeting place of the Black community of Chascomús

Property kind


Heritage documents under its protection

They are all at the Historiography Institute of Chascomus. The state of conservation of these documents is excellent. The use given to this documentation is for information and consult. It has not been shown to the public.

Expressions of intangible heritage associated

- Festive Date Celebrations: First Sunday of January: Drumming. June 25th: Day of the Afro Chascomunenses.

- Drumming: All Saturday afternoons with the Tambores de la Capilla (Chapel Drums) (local group)

- Social Uses: Percussion workshops, concerts, rehearsals of afro themes.


  • 1962-06-22

Other publications

Three-page leaflet about the history of the chapel, made by the Luis family. It is distributed free of charge to visitors (See attached file).