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Uruguay - Club Social Ansina (Ansina Social Club)

The Ansina Social Club in the city of Castillos was established in the year 1939 by merging two previous institutions: The 20th of April Social Club and the Union of the Race or Union of the Class Centre. After 1950 the construction of its own social headquarters began, and the club was opened in 1952 and remains open at present. The area of Intangible Heritage of the Commission of Cultural Heritage of the Nation considered the site with an enormous symbolic value for the community of African descent of Castillos and for the whole country. The social activity of the club, originally, was motivated by the restrictions imposed on the afro-Uruguayan population in various part of the country were entrance was prohibited to places of recreation. The Ansina Club holds recreational and cultural activities, and for a long time there was a library open to the public in general.

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This site, because it is geographically near, has a close relationship with the Oratorio de los Correa (a place recognized by Uruguay as Memory Site of UNESCO’s Slave Route project) and also with the hamlet Portera Negra, in which there was a community of African descent.

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Other data of interest


Historical name

Club Social Ansina

Founding Date

The centre was established in 1939 and in 1952 its social headquarters were inaugurated.


Calle C. Barone, N° 1420, Castillos (Rocha-Uruguay)




National monument


Religious-ceremonial site

Access level


Current Use

Social club, recreation, leisure

Original use

Social club, recreation, leisure

Property kind



  • National Historic Monument 22 October 2014, find the resolution in the following link: