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Peru - Distrito Imperial de Cañete (Imperial District of Cañete)

District located in the central part of the Province of Cañete, in Lima. Its population is of African descent devoted to agriculture and service activities. During colonial times important cotton and vine-growing haciendas introduced slave labour force in the region.

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Like in other districts of Cañete with population of African descent, the municipality of the District of Imperial develops activities for the revitalization of its African heritage. Through the Tourist Agency it organizes, since year 2016, the Festival “Features of Afro Culture in Imperial” to celebrate the month of afro-Peruvian culture. The activities take place in the main square of the district and include artistic and folkloric performances: decimas, afro-coastal dances, percussion (Peruvian box drum), culinary festival, photographic and painting exhibitions, and an African descendant's beauty contest.


Located 4.7 Km. to the east of San Vicente de Cañete.
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Other data of interest


Founding Date

It was established by Law Nº 1170 on November 15th, 1909.


Municipal: Jr. 28 de Julio N°335 Plaza de Armas - Imperial – Cañete , PC: 15701 .

Phone numbers

284-7716 / 284-8401 / 284-8649

Management plan

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Human settlement




Multipurpose Shipwreck

Access level


Current Use

Human settlement

Original use

Human settlement, cotton and wine estates

Property kind


Expressions of intangible heritage associated

Peruvian box drum, festejos and decimas.


  • The province of Cañete was recognized as the Cradle and Capital of Peruvian Black Art, by the Ministries of Industry, Foreign Trade and Tourism and Integration 1992
  • The denomination of CAÑETE CRADLE AND CAPITAL OF NATIONAL BLACK ART, was Inscribed on the registry of service trademarks 2012