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Ecuador - Muelle de San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo pier)

With the building and arrival of the railroad to the region in what was then the parish of San Lorenzo of the Eloy Alfaro canton there was the need of building a peer to facilitate the marketing of molasses, ivory palm, cocoa, lumber, and other export products. The pier was inaugurated by President Camilo Ponce Enríquez. The present municipal government has launched a campaign to recover and safeguard the pier as a cultural asset of the people of San Lorenzo; the reconstruction shall be carried out with the support of the citizens, public and private institutions and contributions from the municipal government (DCG).


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Although the San Lorenzo pier became a tourist attraction and a centre of commercial activity, it is also a memory site because the presence of afro Ecuadorians in the port's economic activity since colonial times has been of great importance.

Access may be by land through a first order highway, and also by way of the river  
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Other data of interest


Historical name

Muelle de San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo pier)

Founding Date



San Lorenzo


Agro-industrial complex


Port of landing

Access level


Current Use

Port pier

Original use

Port pier

Property kind