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Ecuador - Panteón de Cuajara (Cemetery of Cuajara)

This pantheon (cemetery) is more than 150 years old. It replaced the old pantheon, on which the house of the hacienda was built. This cemetery was also used to bury the deceased from other communities that did not have a graveyard. This is a site of reverence since the ancestors were buried here. There are memories of the hardships of the “concertaje” system. The new generations recall that their parents and grandparents died in the haciendas.

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In the old days crosses were not used in burial sites, instead they inscribed the names on bricks. Some of these bricks may be found in this pantheon.

Easy of access to the community of Cuajara, from there one must walk up the hill where the cemetery is. There is a path. The cemetery does not have walls and therefore there are no restrictions to enter.
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Other data of interest


Historical name

Panteón de Cuajara (Cemetery of Cuajara)

Founding Date

More than 150 years ago


Comunidad de Cuajara, (via) San Lorenzo

Phone numbers

0981978571, Cecilia Minda responsable del lugar




Burial place

Access level


Current Use

Burial site

Original use

Burial site

Property kind