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Ecuador - Panteón de Guallupe (Cemetery of Guallupe)

It is said that the founders of the town of Guallupe were the first to be buried here and also that the railroad workers who were building the Ibarra-San Lorenzo railroad track. Those from other communities without a graveyard were also buried here, such as people from San Juan de Lachas.

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This cemetery would have been established when the town of Guallupe was founded. The people here tell that the workers building the Ibarra-San Lorenzo highway who died were also buried here.


The pantheon is in the midst of the Guallupe community, the access to this site is simple, taking the Ibarra-San Lorenzo way to arrive to the community. However, the cemetery is closed and keys must be sought from Don Jorge Mina, who is the caretaker.    
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Historical name

Panteón de Guallupe (Cemetery of Guallupe)

Founding Date



Comunidad de Guallupe- via Ibarra-San Lorenzo  

Phone numbers

06-3016666 , Jorgue Mina responsable del cementerio




Burial place

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Current Use

Burial site

Original use

Burial site

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