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Ecuador - Panteón de Juan de Lachas (Juan de Lachas cemetery)

This cemetery is relatively new. Before the community had this cemetery they buried their dead in the Guallupe cemetery. It is important because their deceased are there and they can honour them.


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Sandra Gallegos, a much respected woman in the community was the first woman to be buried in this cemetery. The graves of “santos varones” (saintly men or personalities involved in the celebration of the Holy Week) have a cross that is different from the rest to differentiate them from the others.

Easy of access, however, as it is enclosed and it has a door, it is necessary to request the key from the president of the town hall to enter the cemetery.
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Other data of interest


Historical name

Panteón de Juan de Lachas (Juan de Lachas cemetery)

Founding Date

40 years ago, more or less


La comunidad de San Juan de Lachas, vía Ibarra-San Lorenzo

Phone numbers

0959182901, Guido Mina encargado




Burial place

Access level


Current Use

Burial site

Original use

Burial site

Property kind