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Argentina - Plaza San Martín (San Martin Square)

The residence of the ex governor, adjutant general Agustín de Robles, located one quarter league away from of the city, on a hill over a river slope. “It had 32 rooms covered with tiles, four of which were capable of lodging more than 200 black heads each.” “Today we could locate it in a square with northeast angle at the intersection of Maipu and Arenales streets. To the South, in Florida and Charcas. To the West, in the block limited by Esmeralda, Santa Fe, Florida and Charcas streets.” The west angle in the middle of the block which is between Charcas, Florida, Santa Fe and San Martin streets.


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Access 365 days of the year, 24 hours. It is located in one of the most central areas of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and with good public transportation.
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Historical name

Asiento Francés (Real Compañía de Guinea) y Asiento inglés (Compañía de los Mares del Sur). French Asiento (Royal Guinea Company) and English Asiento (The South Sea Company).


Se encuentra rodeada por la Avenida Santa Fe, las calles Esmeralda, Arenales, Maipú, la Avenida del Libertador, la calle Florida y la calle San Martín; Retiro, en la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina




Others National monument


Place of confinement Slave market

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Original use

At the beginning (1692) it was a private residence (retreat), later on (from 1718 to 1739) the headquarters of the "South Sea Company", and then military garrison and bullring.  

Property kind



  • National Historic Site 1942-06-09, Decree 122096