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Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo Colonial City

The Colonial City, called “Zona Colonial” is the name by which the oldest part of the city of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, is known. It was the first city to be established by Europeans in the Americas, specifically by the Spanish colonizers.

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Accessibility: Very good, all streets and avenues leading to the colonial city are in good condition
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Dominican Republic

Historical name

Santo Domingo

Founding Date



Calle Las Mercedes. Se extiende desde el norte de la Avenida George Washington hasta el este de la Calle Palo Hincado hasta que la palo hincado hace esquina con la Avenida Mella y del sur de la avenida Mella hasta el oeste de la Avenida Francisco Alberto Caamaño  /  Calle Las Mercedes (Las Mercedes Street).  It extends from the north of George Washington Avenue to the east of Palo Hincado Street until Palo Hincado Street meets the corner of Mella Avenue and from the south of Mella Avenue to the west of the Francisco Alberto Caamaño Avenue.           , PC: 10210 .

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Ministry of Culture

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Human settlement


Inscribed on the World Heritage List


Religious-ceremonial site Slave market

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Original use

Settlement of the Spanish Crown

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  • World Heritage 8 December 1990