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Cuba - Santuario Nacional del Cobre (National Sanctuary of El Cobre)

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre occupies a building erected in 1927. On May 10th, 1916, Pope Benedict XV (1854-1922) consecrated the virgin as the Patron Saint of Cuba. On September 8th, a large crowd of devotees congregates at the sanctuary. Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre is also worshipped by the Afro-Cuban religions, in Santería or Regla de Ocha she is linked to Ochún.

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It is a National Monument as part of the Cultural landscape of El Cobre

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Other data of interest


Historical name

Iglesia de la Caridad del Cobre (Church of Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre)

Founding Date

1926, (inauguration 8 September 1927)


Poblado del Cobre, Santiago de Cuba , PC: 90100 .

Phone numbers

(53) 2234 6118

Responsible entity

Catholic Church

Management plan




National monument


Religious-ceremonial site

Access level


Current Use

Religious temple

Original use

Religious temple

Property kind


Expressions of intangible heritage associated

The sanctuary is the most visited religious temple of Cuba. Catholic devotees as well as those of Afro-Cuban beliefs worship the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre and bring their offerings to this site. On September 8th there is an impressive celebration, and families represented by different generations show their devotion to the Virgin.