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Argentina - Santuario Santo Rey Baltazar Familia Acebey (Saint King Balthazar Sanctuary - Acebey Family)

A characteristic of the cult to Saint Balthazar is that, unlike other cults of the Argentinean popular Catholicism, it does not have a central chapel, so that each is autarchic in many aspects regarding their devotion and celebrations, although they maintain a certain cohesion of the group in basic aspects, like the use of the colors red and yellow in the emblems of the cult.

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Public all year, the Celebration of the Saint is on January 6, moment in which the chapel is decorated.
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Historical name

Santuario Santo Rey Baltazar Familia Acebey


Sargento Cabral 1355, Saladas, Provincia de Corrientes , PC: 3420 .




Religious-ceremonial site

Access level


Current Use

Chapel to worship Saint Balthazar.

Original use

Site of devotion

Property kind