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Ecuador - Train station third stage or Carchi station

Currently this station is abandoned. Once the highway was finished the train line was suspended. On May 20th, 2000 the tramcar entered for the last time the Carchi station.This tramcar connected the cities of Ibarra (northern mountain range) and San Lorenzo (on the coast) stopping in several towns in between, later everything became silent." From the train station of Ibarra two or three trams left at seven in the morning, and you had to make a line since before 6 am; each tram had a seating capacity of sixty or seventy passengers, other passengers stood during the trip but it was like travelling in an orange box, people came with baskets, suitcases, children, animals", according to Professor Armando Guerrón.

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Back then the Carchi train station was full of activity generated by the railways. Ecuadorian and foreign travellers arrived. The local people played bombas (the traditional music of the northern sierra). That is why it is a memory site.

Currently there is access by the road to San Lorenzo, which is very good. In earlier times, access was only by train. 
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Historical name

Train station third stage or Carchi station

Founding Date



La Estación Carchi Vía San Lorenzo  





Access level


Current Use

No use (ruins)

Original use

Train station

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