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Cuba - Valle de Viñales (Viñales Valley)

Viñales Valley is a paradigmatic site, mainly because of the whimsical shapes of its limestone formations and its agricultural productive systems, such as tobacco. In the area there are 28 archaeological sites known in the limestone caverns linked to runaway slaves of African origin.

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The valley is accessible; the sites in particular are not readily accessible.
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Other data of interest


Historical name

Valle de Viñales


Municipio Viñales (Viñales municipality), Pinar del Río , PC: 22400 .

Responsible entity

Municipal government

Management plan


Cultural landscape


National monument Inscribed on the World Heritage List


Refuge of runaway slaves

Access level


Current Use

Agriculture, settlements, and tourism

Original use

Agriculture and settlements

Property kind


Expressions of intangible heritage associated

In this site there are numerous expressions of intangible heritage, although those of African origin are not the most common. Those of African origin are more evident in the religious practices of the believers.


  • Monumento Nacional
  • Patrimonio Mundial