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Argentina - Cordoba Afro Tour

The African heritage is an important component and contribution to the cultural heritage preserved at times consciously, and at times unconsciously, by the society of Cordoba. This legacy is well used by tourist guides and the Route of the Slave Cordoba Group to develop various activities related to cultural tourism in order to strengthen local identity and, above all, to promote awareness and allow tourists and citizens to appreciate the cultural legacy of Cordoba, particularly the African heritage.

This itinerary of cultural tourism is a walking tour. It lasts approximately 2:30 hrs. and it lays emphasis on the history of slavery and the destiny of afro descendants in the territory of Cordoba. During the tour we may learn about the origin of slavery in Cordoba, the different modalities of selling and buying, activities carried out by enslaved people, legal status, food, music, housing, master-slave relations, ways of resistance, abolition of slavery in Argentina, demographic data, process of exclusion, tangible and intangible cultural legacy, and the current situation of this social group. All of this together with the description of the buildings, constructions, works of art that may be seen during the tour and are related to the African legacy.

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This tour is also offered by different tourist companies to foreign tourism.

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Other data of interest


Distance by stretches, between landmarks

From 100 to 200 meters.






0 km


  • Cabildo Cultural Centre:

    Independencia N° 30, Centro

    Access: Free, Monday thru Sunday, from 07:00 to 20:00 hrs.

  • Juan de Tejeda Religious Art Museum:

    Independencia N° 122, Centro

    Access: Free (but not gratis), during opening hours.

  • Manzana Jesuítica:

    Obispo Trejo 242, Centro

    Access: Free, from 7:00 to 13:00 and 17:00 to 21:00 hrs.